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Our staff has been providing K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection for the pipeline industry since 2003.  In 2013, after successfully completing a leak find in Hobbs, New Mexico for a major oil and gas company we decided to retire from actually going on jobs. It dawned on us that perhaps since we were the only ones with the knowledge to conduct leak detection using dogs, others may be interested in learning the concept. We then opened our training academy, K-9 Pipeline Training Academy LLC in 2014. Since then we have trained over 15 individuals in the use of dogs to detect leaks in natural gas and oil pipelines.

The success of our graduates has seen an increase in the use of dogs to detect leaks in pipeline.  More and more pipeline companies are inquiring as to the use of dogs. As we are the originators of the concept and have an extensive client base, we still receive the calls for deployment which we then in turn, refer our closest graduates based on their geographical location to the job site.

Pipeline Leak detection is not for everyone. Over the years we have missed graduations, weddings, planned vacations, kids sporting activities, on and on. However, the reward in finding the leak with your dog is the same as finding contraband  as a Law Enforcement Officer. 

With new mandatory pipeline inspection guidelines being enforced by the government the use of dogs to detect leaks is becoming more prominent and a cost effective and expedient means to locate either large leaks or pin hole leaks in the pipeline.




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Paris Nicholson III- President & CEO

Since 1980 Paris has been working and training dogs. As a member of the U.S. Virgin Islands Police Department and Head Trainer of their K-9 Unit he received certification in Narcotics and Explosive Detection.  



Emerson College, Boston Ma


Activities & Affiliations

•ATF Federal Firearms Dealer
• ATF Explosive Possessor
• Certified Explosive and Narcotic Trainer

Training Facilities

  •  Sorrento, Florida
  •  St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands



Maureen Maduro Nicholson

Maureen has been a member of the team since 2003.  In providing pipeline leak detection to oil and gas companies it is imperative that accurate, daily billing records be kept. Maureen teaches Billing, Rates, Insurance Requirements, Scope of Work Sheets and assists in getting students set up and registered in the safety compliance data base systems for the industry. 



Director of training

Ed Griffin Jr.

Ed,  the world wide leading expert in the process of K-9 pipeline leak detection has been involved in the pipeline industry for over 15 years.  Performing over 50 successful leak finds with our dogs  from 2003- 2013.  He also invented the chemical calculator and is heavily relied upon in the industry for not only locating leaks but in viewing and analyzing charts that indicate pressure in the line.